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Warning signs of an impending drain problem! Part three

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

In my last two blogs I talked about the sounds your drains may make as a possible indicator that you’re about to have drain problems.  Sometimes drains don’t make a sounds before they start backing up.  Another sign to look for is finding sewage residue in your bathtub or shower with or without water in it.  This can happen when the drain started to back up and was flooding into the bathtub or shower and because the water pressure on the blockage became greater as the tub or shower started to fill up it pushed a little hole into the blockage and let the water go down.  You may think that it fixed itself and won’t back up again.  But the original problem is more than likely still there and the next time you run a lot of water or put anything into the sewer line it could completely stop up and flood your home.  I recommend to not clean up the tub or shower right away, so that the plumber can see the evidence of the problem and identify the best way to clean the line.  Our plumbers have years of experience figuring out the best way to solve your plumbing problems.  We are plumbing detectives; we look at all the clues and run tests to track down the cleanest and most efficient ways of doing the job.

Warning signs of an impending drain problem!

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

uncloggingHave you ever been at home and heard a gurgling sound coming from your drains in the kitchen or bathroom?  This might be your home trying to tell you that you’re going to have a problem with your drains backing up.  If you listen to your home you may save yourself a good bit of money in damages and inconvenience.  The gurgling sound could be your drains holding water from a partial stoppage and the trapped air bubbles in the line moving upward and gurgling as they escape.  If you don’t use the sewer lines for a while the water in the lines will slowly start to drain down and you may not notice the gurgling sound.  However, when you start using more water again, like taking a shower and/or doing the laundry, the drain lines could start gurgling again.  This could happen until…… The drain stops up completely.  Best case scenario, you are standing ankle deep in your shower calling a plumber or worst case scenario, the downstairs commode overflows while you’re upstairs in the shower.  Now you’re calling a plumber to unstop the line and a carpet or floor cleaning company to suck up all the sewage off your floors downstairs.  This kind of damage and inconvenience can be avoided by simply calling us when you hear an unusual gurgling sound coming from your drains.  We can send out an experienced plumber to clean the lines of any partial blockages and then televise the line to confirm the line is in good condition.

There are more warning signs your drains could be about to back up and I’ll talk about that in my next blog.

Warning signs of an impending drain problem! Part two – Washing Machine Drains

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

washerAnother warning sign that has a very distinct sound is a washing machine line starting to back up.  It sounds like a long tube being filled with water.  When the washing machine starts to drain you’ll hear the water going down the drain and since it can’t handle the amount of water it’s being given, it starts backing up.  As the water gets higher in the line the sound it makes starts to raise in pitch until the head pressure is great enough to force the water down the line.  It may keep doing this for a while but eventually it will overflow because the blockage will continue to grow and get larger.  Then one day you’ll start a load of clothes in the washer and walk away only two come back in an hour or so and find your laundry room flooded.  A washing machine drain line that is flowing properly will have a consistent pitch to the sound while your machine is draining.

So as soon as you hear the washing machine drain line starting to back up give us a call so we can save you from having to deal with a large cleanup and damages of a flood.