Warning Signs of an Impending Drain Problem! Part Three

In my last two blogs I talked about the sounds your drains may make as a possible indicator that you’re about to have drain problems.  Sometimes drains don’t make a sounds before they start backing up.  Another sign to look for is finding sewage residue in your bathtub or shower with or without water in it.  This can happen when the drain started to back up and was flooding into the bathtub or shower and because the water pressure on the blockage became greater as the tub or shower started to fill up it pushed a little hole into the blockage and let the water go down.  You may think that it fixed itself and won’t back up again.  But the original problem is more than likely still there and the next time you run a lot of water or put anything into the sewer line it could completely stop up and flood your home.  I recommend to not clean up the tub or shower right away, so that the plumber can see the evidence of the problem and identify the best way to clean the line.  Our plumbers have years of experience figuring out the best way to solve your plumbing problems.  We are plumbing detectives; we look at all the clues and run tests to track down the cleanest and most efficient ways of doing the job.

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